The kid-friendly team at Northwoods Pediatric Dentistry in Kingsford, Michigan, believes that “little smiles are a big deal.” As the only certified pediatric dental practice in a 100-mile radius, the team ensures that patients 8 years and younger feel safe and supported as they receive the dental procedures and education that’ll keep their teeth and gums healthy for life.

Led by Kaylynn Saigh, DDS, MS, the team at Northwoods Pediatric Dentistry is proud to offer a range of preventive and restorative services to children, toddlers, and babies. Dr. Saigh underwent special training in pediatric dentistry so that she’s familiar with all children’s dental needs, from a baby’s first tooth to early orthodontics that ensure their permanent teeth have enough space to grow in healthy alignment.

Parents can help their children stay cavity-free with biannual dental examinations, cleanings, and digital X-rays at Northwoods Pediatric Dentistry. The practice provides fluoride treatments to strengthen children’s teeth and sealants to protect them from corrosive bacteria, and they repair broken or decayed teeth with tooth-colored fillings or stainless steel crowns.

When children need to undergo dental procedures in the office, Northwoods Pediatric Dentistry offers inhalable nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas) to keep them comfy and happy. Parents whose children need more complex procedures are unable to tolerate in office procedures, can opt to have the procedure done in a nearby hospital with general anesthesia.

Northwoods Pediatric Dentistry knows that dental emergencies happen, too. That’s why they encourage parents to bring their children directly to the clinic if they’ve suffered an emergency such as a knocked-out tooth, toothache, chipped or dislodged tooth. Northwoods Pediatric Dentistry works hard to ensure that the child is seen as soon as possible.

To become part of the Northwoods Pediatric Dentistry family and give your children a healthy smile, make an appointment with the friendly staff by phone or using the online form today.

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